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The best way to quit smoking may be somewhat unsual see official website here: http://bit.ly/1BY18rn the Truth of Addiction program helps you to stop smoking and is a unique stop smoking program. It reveals the best way to stop smoking naturally and with very little effort.

Many addiction recovery programs have you complete some steps and then you graduate. And once you graduate they tell you that you’re cured! You no longer have to worry about your addictions, you can now move on with your life, they say.

Is it any wonder there is such a high recidivism rate? Relapse after relapse and failure after repeated failure feeds this cycle of addiction.

Official website here: http://bit.ly/1BY18rn

The cure is often the problem. This popular doctrine of relapse is misguided and is not supported by research or data. It couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Scientific research shows that relapse is triggered by emotion states, not physical dependency, as once thought. This reveals the huge strides a recovering addict has made.

To tell a recovering addict that all the days, weeks, months, or even years of sobriety didn’t mean a thing because he slipped, feeds the very emotions that led him to use in the first place. In one study, alcoholics that were sober for nearly 2 weeks showed incredible cell regeneration. The data speaks for itself.

Recovery is like climbing a hill. If you slip and fall, you don’t fall all the way to the bottom; you just fall down a few feet, pick yourself up and continue climbing.

Addiction causes biochemical imbalances in the brain. One vital piece recovery needs to be nutrients. When patients were given certain nutrients, they were able to recover more quickly, have fewer withdrawal symptoms and were able to manage their addictions long-term. And get this, integrating certain nutrients into an addict’s diet, showed a 92 percent success rate!

This is because certain nutrients can restore biochemical imbalances caused by addiction.

In one study, rats were given the option of choosing a bowl of water or a bowl of alcohol. When the rats were healthy, they didn’t touch the alcohol, but when they had a nutritional deficiency, the animals chose alcohol over the water. As soon as nutrients were restored to the animals, they avoided the alcohol completely.

Researchers were able to shift consumption of the alcohol over water by the deliberate increase or decrease of certain nutrients in their diet. These tests were repeated several times and revealed the same results.

Humans act the same way. Addictions cause depleted and malfunctioning neurotransmitters which can be restored through certain nutrients.

Sure a support group can help and speaking to a counselor is great, but people need the most help when they are at home, when they are alone, bored, tired or stressed. Solid research shows that certain mindfulness practices are extremely successful in rewiring thought processes, eliminating cravings and improving decisions.

The proper training of your brain to deal with urges and cravings has far-reaching benefits. It is the transformation from the inside-out that creates a lasting change.

It is possible to lay aside any addiction you have. It is possible to become a new person that no one, not even yourself, could have ever expected. It is possible to retrain your mind, to reform your behavior and to gain victory over your cravings.

Lesser known methods that train your mind to better regulate intrusive thoughts not only help with addictions but also decrease depression, anxiety, stress and improve decision making.

An addict will always have an increasing craving for a diminishing pleasure. And the longer he fails to act properly to these feelings, the harder it becomes to act at all. And in the end, the less he feels he should.

When the brain isn’t properly trained, it becomes vulnerable. Most people when they have an urge or craving try to suppress it and react aggressively to it. Research shows that suppressing cravings actually make matters worse because it puts the limbic system in a fight or flight mode and actually strengthens it.

It is possible to train your mind out of habit loops and gain greater control over your life. It is possible to decrease these intrusive thoughts and cravings that lead to addiction problems.

Understanding the evidence-based and data-driven practices that really work can help you and those you love. Just click the link below for more information.

The quit smoking program, Truth Of Addiction helps you and those you love by using unique ways to stop smoking. It is a great stop smoking program because it is backed by research. The best way to quit smoking is to use evidence-backed techniques. It shows you how.
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