Hypnotherapy to quit smoking mindfully

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If you are ready to stop smoking, then hypnotherapy can help harness your natural instinct to be a non-smoker. Independent studies have shown hypnotherapy to be one of the most effective ways to help you quit smoking.

An important requirement for the effectiveness of this recording is simply your DESIRE TO BE A NON-SMOKER. If you are ready, then you have come to the right place.

For some people, listening only once to the recording proves effective enough to return you to your natural state of non-smoking; others may require more repetitive sessions of listening to this professionally produced recording.

I feel it is important for you to consider carefully why you want to stop and what are going to be the benefits once you have stopped smoking. BEFORE listening to this recording, please take a moment to write down what benefits you will experience on becoming a non-smoker – this will help focus you prior to the session and will deepen the subconscious suggestions made in the recording.

The rest is easy…just relax and listen to the video, and congratulations on taking this important step on your return to becoming a natural non-smoker!

The music in this video contains binaural beats which will help you achieve a deep state of hypnosis. However, anyone who is pregnant, has a pacemaker, is prone to seizures, is photosensitive or suffers from epilepsy should NOT listen to this recording.

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