30 day quit smoking challenge Day 1

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Yesterday i went running with a group of successful entrepreneurs. So much to learn from them… Especially when at the top i was the only one struggling with breathing. They asked me if i was OK and I replied panting: “yes!” and Inside of me i said loud: “I…now…. understand….. that….. this…. is… the.. right.. time.. to… quit… and stick… to this decision”. Thanks to the help of a wonderful group I had to challenge myself to quit smoking!


Thanks for watching this! Please help me out with your feedback 🙂 all is appreciated. Especially tomorrow since my legs are already hurting lol and i want to record a 30 day documentary of this. So yes, for 29 more days i will get on the top and will do it not smoking one cigarette!

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P.S. Remember to stretch! If you go running 😀

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