3 Things You Must Do To Quit Smoking Weed

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I want to summarize what this video is about, keep in mind this video is not scripted and is of my personal experience quitting weed and what’s working for me.

Currently I’m on day 5 of no smoking after 4 years of addiction.

Rule 1. You need to break away from your environment, that’s one of the biggest fights. In the video i suggest disbanding from friends, temporarily. B

But breaking away from your environment means so much more, what are your triggers ?

You have to break away from your triggers/environment, for me it was friends, so that’s why i recommend temporarily going solo.

Rule 2. You need proper sleep. It’s a complete bitch to sleep when you’re quitting weed.

Your brain doesn’t produce the chemicals to put you to sleep. If you’ll take Melatonin, it will re-create that 1 chemical to help you sleep but it’s natural and non addictive. Use it temporarily, the first week is the hardest to sleep.

Rule 3. NUTRITION. You must eat, but it’s not fun and all food tastes like shit, your body will hate eating and will refuse food. (feeling like throwing up)

With weight gainer, i can easily drink down 400-600 calories from weight gainer and not need to eat. You need the calories to stay focused, you can’t fight your hardest battle without being well prepared, so nutrition is extremely important.

You must eat, if eating is too difficult, you can resort to drinking your meals, like i’ve been doing.

The weight gainer has been my solution to stay well fed and keep focused, without being forced to eat, plus there’s no more feelings of throwing up BECAUSE I’M NOT EATING!

If you try to quit, these 3 rules will help you so much, but if you’re not even at the stage of quitting, then you need to start preparing for when you do quit.

Destroy all your paraphernalia, cut your money source and fight because you can’t keep going how you have been, it’s time for a change.

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