VPLive Vape Team Episode #55: Kneel, Pray, and Quit Smoking

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On VPLive Vape Team Episode #55: “Kneel, Pray, and Quit Smoking”. Will the ANTZ attack this method of quitting tobacco cigarettes? We are joined by Gregory Conley of CASAA on the latest call to action, and a special Ten@10 with filipino reviewer Joanna. In the “New Vapers Corner” we CJ & Dimitri break down the Leo Baron and Pro Drippers. Last but not least a VapeWheel loaded with vape goodies for our audience including a special suprise!

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Shout Outs:
Thanks to Greg Conley for coming on the show to talk about his experience at the FDA hearings a few weeks ago. Please tell the FDA your opinions about electronic cigarettes and tobacco harm reduction: http://blog.casaa.org/2012/12/call-to-action-submit-written-comments.html

Sign up as a member of CASAA and support the organization that fights for your right to Vape! http://www.casaa.org
Also, follow Greg on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/gregcasaa

Thanks to Jhoana from the Philippines for coming on the show for 10@Ten. Check out her YouTube channel and reviews @

Supporting Vendors:
Thanks to the vendors who gave us great prizes to give away to our audience on this episode! They help us out, so check them out!

AwesomeClouds – http://www.awesomeclouds.com
CherryVape – http://www.cherryvape.com
DelawareVapor – http://www.delawarevapor.com
iVape – http://www.ivape.net
Smartvapes – http://www.smartvapes.com

New Vapers Corner:
Vamo Update from HealthCabin

ProVari Version 2.5
ECF Thread: http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/provape/365412-provari-v2-5-a.html

Leo Dripper Baron and Pro

Vapor Skinz Wrap

In The News:
MarketWatch/PRNewsWire: Fuisz Announces a New Lozenge Product to Enhance E-cigarette Tobacco Satisfaction As Well As THC Delivery From Medical Marijuana

IG-ED: E-Cigarette in Danger: Revision of the EU Directive on Tobacco is Tantamount to a Ban

Petition to the EU: http://chn.ge/SjguTi

Guardian.co.uk: E-cigarettes: no smoke without ire

Fraunhofer: Putting electronic cigarettes to the test

ECITA: French study shows significant health improvements for smokers using electronic cigarettes

Catholic Herald: Can prayer succeed where nicotine patches, acupuncture and drugs can’t?

The Asian Age: Get over nicotine addiction, turn to dancing instead

TobaccoReporter: Lawsuit to probe membership of FDA’s tobacco products advisory committee

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