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ens of thousands of lives could be saved every year if all British smokers switched from cigarettes to e-cigarettes, experts have said.

Researchers from University College London (UCL) estimated that for every million smokers who switch from tobacco to electronic cigarettes, over 6,000 premature deaths would be prevented each year in the UK.

There are around nine million British smokers and if they all switched to the nicotine vapour inhalers instead of the tobacco products they currently use, around 54,000 lives could be saved.

The experts said the reduced mortality rate even accounts for the possibility that e-cigarettes may carry an increased risk of death.

But in an editorial published in the British Journal of General Practice, Professor Robert West and Dr Jamie Brown from UCL’s Department of Epidemiology and Public Health argue that even though some toxins are present in the vapour from e-cigarettes, the concentrations are “very low”.

“In fact, toxin concentrations are almost all well below 1/20th that of cigarette smoke.”

They also rejected comments about e-cigarettes “re-normalising” smoking and the products acting as a “gateway” to smoking.

The rise in use of e-cigarettes has been accompanied by an increase in the numbers of smokers quitting and a continued fall in the numbers of people that smoke, they said.
Your new VIP E-Cig starter kit is ready for use straight from the packet. VIP batteries will arrive 60% charged and can be used straight out of the box. Remove the battery and one electronic cigarette cartridge from the stater kit box. Discard the wrapper and end caps from the refill cartridge. Gently screw the cartridge to the end of the battery. Your VIP E-Cig is now ready to use! You simply ‘smoke’ the VIP E-Cig as you would a normal cigarette. Take five to seven long puffs from the VIP E-Cig for the desired nicotine boost and then put away until you want your next cigarette

Quick and Easy Re-charging
The VIP E-Cig tip glows each time your inhale. When your battery runs low power the LED tip will begin to flash several times indicating a re-charge is required. To charge your battery, remove your USB charger from the starter kit box. Unscrew your cartridge from the battery and place it in the kit box for use again later. Screw your battery into the USB charger, then plug your USB into your computer to begin charging. Your computer needs to be powered-on to enable charging. The VIP battery LED tip will stay lit while charging. When the LED goes out your battery is fully charged, and you can eject the USB charger and unscrew your battery. Screw your refill cartridge back on the battery and you are ready to ‘smoke’ your VIP E-Cig again!

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