Katherine Heigl & David Letterman vape electronic cigarettes

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Katherine Higl appears on David Letterman and discusses the electronic cigarette, and how it has helped her stop smoking.

Katherine started smoking at the age of 25. She had tried all of the traditional methods to quit smoking, including Chatax, patches and gums. She proceeds to pull out her electronic cigarette, and explains how it works. She explains she vapes liquid nicotine that is vaporied by the atomizer.

David Letterman then takes a few puffs of the e-cigarette. He blows some smoke rings, and states “This is remarkable”. Then he states “this outta get it done my friend”.

Katherine states she has read that nicotine by inself isn’t any more harmefull to you then caffeene. With no second hand smoke, Katherine Heigl loves her new personal vaporizer.

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