Introduction: Quit Smoking with Vaping

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Thank You so much for watching this video! I quit smoking a month ago by vaping, and I wanted to share this life-saving information with you. If you or anyone you know would like to quit smoking, vaping (or ECigs) is a much healthier alternative. I am including links to some of my favorite beginning vape videos and links where you can purchase the starter kits I mention in this video. I wish you the best of luck, and if you do quit smoking and start vaping–I would love to hear about it! –Cookie

Beginner Vaping Videos:
PBusardo (the most comprehensive, IMO):
SimpleVapeReviews (quick, but good!):–c
GrimmGreen (Nick is the man!):

eGo Clearomizer Starter Kits (I just Google’d this phrase, so check for best pricing):

Best ELiquid I have tried so far (but I am pretty new!):
Totally Wicked Blueberry I mentioned:

I am not paid nor endorsed to sell any product, just in case you wondered-I just want to help people quit smoking šŸ™‚

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