How-to: Want to stop smoking? Switch to e-cigarettes!

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I stopped smoking after 30 years – and I cannot believe how easy it was!

Things which lead to success and things that lead to failure in my experience.
1. Forget the “quitting” business. You don’t want to quit — you want to become a happy non-smoker, not a miserable quitter. First, switch to electronic cigarettes – then think about getting rid of nicotine if you decide to, and when the time is right.
2. No penny-pinching! When you successfully switch, you will be saving thousands – so get a good kit and good cartridges. Here is what I recommend, with a 10% discount automatically applied at the checkout: Sorry, GS has asked me to remove all links and codes.
3. Most important – for a successful switch, don’t even think about reducing nicotine! Go up even, if you need to – the main target now is to be happy and successful with the switch!
4. Make sure that there is no chance of you running out of cartridges! Have plenty on hand! I order more when I am down to 3-week supply.

Remember – the task at hand is to successfully switch to electronic cigarettes. Only after that step is made, you can think about what you will be doing next.

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