How to quit smoking with Electronic Cigarettes from beginner to advanced

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This is Early Quest4vape! One of my very first Vlog/Rant sessions in front of a camera, it’s one of a series of videos that I recorded a little over 4 months into vaping, and I had alot to say!!! Not all my info is correct, but my heart is right and my message is clear. I want people to discover a way to quit smoking cigarettes, and stay quit! And vape safely.
Sharing my personal experience is my catharsis. The journey from smoking for 26 years to quitting in a day using an E Cigarette. But it’s a process in the beginning. It’s a strange new world when we tentatively take those first few steps away from our cigs towards this new strange thing. So I would like for beginners to know that this too shall pass. You CAN quit smoking, this ‘vaping’ thing is real, it is reliable, it is effective, and if you just stick with it and tweak it you will get to where it’s more comfortable and enjoyable than smoking. I share these experiences with you because none of this is easy, and we all grow, yes GROW through it. So this is a candid discussion of the progression I went through over 4 months of vaping at the time this video was recorded. Thank you for watching, please like, subscribe, share, and tune in to other videos that I have on my channel.

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