HIQA Report: E-cigarettes Users More Likely to Quit Smoking

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A new report finds that people who use e-cigarettes to quit smoking are twice as likely to be successful. The analysis was carried out by the Health Information and Quality Authority as part of a study on the cost-effectiveness of aids to help people quit smoking. Every year the HSE pays out an estimated forty million euro in providing aid for smokers trying to quit. This includes offering support and paying for GP visits and treatments for medical card holders.

HIQA has been tasked with finding the most cost effective interventions for the HSE. “The most cost effective intervention is a combination of two medicines: nicotine replacement therapy and then a medicine called Varenicline which is an interesting medicine in that it tackles smoking cessation in two ways. It relieves any of the symptoms of withdrawal associated with discontinuing smoking and then also it reduces the satisfaction associated with smoking if somebody does smoke while they’re taking Verena Clean. HIQA’s assessment is the first-of-its-kind in the EU to include e-cigarettes.

”Almost a third of smokers turn to these e-cigarettes to quit smoking. Early research shows that people are twice as likely to successfully quit smoking using an e-cigarette opposed to using no aid at all. According to HIQA’s draft report, if more people started using e-cigarettes the state would save more than 2 million euro but it warns the long-term effects haven’t been established yet. HIQA has now commenced a public consultation on the best way to quit smoking”.

“How did you quit?” “I just decided cold turkey. I said I had enough” “I had breast cancer so I was more or less told to go off the cigarettes so I went onto Nicorette chewing gum. Five years later i’m still chewing it.” “I went cold turkey yeah”.

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