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Some people might be wondering what all the hype is about these little contraptions and why people are using them. Here are a couple of reasons why current or former smokers may decide to switch or pick up an ecig after they’ve quit.
1. To quit smoking. Obviously it’s best to just quit – period. But that’s not always a feasible option for some people. For whatever reasons, they just enjoy smoking and no matter how much they’re harassed about it, they’re not going to quit.
There isn’t one portable vaporizer (ecig) on the market that can be legally advertised as a quit smoking aid. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be used that way.
What an electronic cigarette actually does is provide an alternative nicotine replacement instead of wearing a patch or chewing gum. Patches and gum both have nicotine in them, in varying levels.
And you can buy electronic cigarettes in varying levels too – including Zero nicotine.
So you’re getting your nicotine plus the feel of smoking, which you can’t get with the patch or the gum.
For some people, the psychological habit is just as bad, if not worse, than the physical addiction. And that’s where the ecigarette can help.
2. To stay quit after you’ve quit. Some people are able to either quit smoking cold turkey or with the patch, gum or medication, like Chantix.
And then the inevitable happens – they feel a dire need to start smoking again so they run out for a pack of smokes and light up. Happens a lot. You’ve heard the old saying, ‘It’s easy to quit smoking. I’ve done it hundreds of times.’
Electronic cigs give people the feeling of smoking with a small amount of nicotine, or no nicotine at all, and may even keep them from starting
3. Just about all public places have banned smoking. And unfortunately, the government is now looking at banning personal vaporizers from public places too. But they haven’t yet.
And even if they do, so what? Ecigs are a much cleaner way to “smoke” in your car, in your house, and in other places where common sense still reigns and ecigarettes haven’t been banned yet.
4. Eliminates the smell of tobacco smoke. If you’re a former smoker, the smell of cigarettes probably starting annoying you after you were quit for a while. As a non-smoker, the smell of cigarettes and cigars may even make you sick.
Personal vaporizers are the best alternative if you want to keep “smoking” but have a cleaner, non-smelly alternative. Your friends, spouse and even kids will probably thank you for making the switch.
5. Ecigs are actually a cheaper alternative! Have you seen the prices of the old, smelly, traditional cigarettes lately? Wow! You practically need a second job to pay for them.
Electronic Cigarettes-
Think about it – you smoke them, and throw them away.
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