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E Cigarette explained. This and my other videos/Vlogs discuss(es) Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping . My Quest4vape explained. I was a smoker for 26 years and quit smoking using an E Cigarette. I progressed over several months using various products on the market, some of them were good, some were just hyped up as ‘ the best e cigarette products on the market ‘ but failed to satisfy. But over all I found through trial and error, and watching many review videos, talking with folks at local shops, E-cigarette forum , and vapefam , vapelife Facebook groups , which type of setup was right for me. I would not initially have used the devices that I currently use. They were too big and clunky, looked complicated, some were downright scary. But as I learned more about ‘ dripping ‘ Rebuildable Drip Atomizers (RDA) and Subohm Vaping, 18650 Mech Mods, Regulated Box Mods and Unregulated Box Mods, I started to use more of the higher powered devices which I will now refer to as ‘ vape ‘ equipment. It’s more than just a hobby. I also got more comfortable with a wider and wider variety of eliquid or juice available most of which are yummy and quite a lot more pleasant than smoking cigarettes ever were. In this frank and earnest video I introduce myself. My other videos will each explore a topic related to this thing we refer to as vaping. My first impressions of ecig or ecigs was not positive. I scoffed these as a viable alternative to my precious cigarettes. I did not enjoy the cheaper quality disposable varieties sold at gas stations and convenience stores. The flavors offered and nicotine levels were not at all suitable to my taste preference. So I continued to smoke ignoring this wonderful Less Harmful Smoke Free Alternative to Cigarettes. It wasn’t until I really tried some higher quality devices, that I found a suitable replacement for smoking. I’ve been smoke free for 6 months. I feel healthier, my endurance and lung power are vastly improved. I no longer get easily winded and short of breath like I used to when I smoked. My sense of smell and taste have improved and I now enjoy food, beverages, even fragrances much more now. I am greatly changed for the better. And I encourage smokers to learn more about, and try vaping . And if you’re a new vaper and haven’t yet found your satisfying vape yet, please stick with it, have patience, try more devices and juice flavors. You will find what you like and what satisfies you, to replace your cigarette cravings.

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