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I have tried to quit smoking several times, used patches, lossengers, gum. My mother passed away due in part to her heavy smoking. Doctors explained to my dad, to some people smoking is like cocaine. That addictive! And it was the same with me, even after my mom passed away I continued, when my grandkids were born I continued. When I had a back injury in 2010 after a while I had to quit working, became weak, and then an illness that was probably hibernating hit me along with the meds I was taking for my back. I had to have surgery on my intestines and had to quit smoking. A friend brought me one of her electronic cigarettes and I was like WOW! I had tried others from the mall, others from online, they didn’t taste good, some are a hassell to use, having to add your own nicotine and such. But this one was fantastic. Came in more nicotine MG choices, so that you could step down, just like in the patches. I’ll eventually stop using the E cig. But I will keep them handy with the lowest mg for very stressfull times just to make sure I don’t go back, and also for times when I go out with friends. Other times when I had quit when I went out with the girls to a bar then thats when I was at my weekest. So now I will be prepaired. Some people like my sister could smoke one and not have another one for years. I love this brand so much I will soon become a distributor! If you would like to try them before I start selling them go to www.empireofecigs.com and tell them Mardee sent you. I’ll get a free carton of filters and then when you refer people you’ll get a free carton. Check back for my own page to be listed!

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