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E Cig Reviews – Best Electronic Cigarettes

I’ve been trying to quit smoking for years. Always found it to be a real struggle to do so. My wife would nag me about it, my mother too, but I simply couldn’t manage to stop. I tried so many things.Hypnotism, nicotine patches, drinking lots of water… nothing worked. It’s possibly the same for you also, if you’ve ever tried to give up smoking. It does not come easily, does it? So much of a struggle, but you know that you have to do it, if not for yourself, then for your loved ones.

My wife would nag me, not only about the terrible smell, but also about my health. She would say that for every cigarette I smoked, I’d be knocking a day off my life. So what was she going to do if I died 15 years before she did? She would ask me if it would be okay for her to find a new partner. I would only smile because I thought she was joking. Whether she was joking or not, I don’t really know.

Well, anyway, times moved on and I still did not manage to quit, regardless of all the nagging and what have you. It became very tiring, but I knew that it would never ever stop unless I managed to do something about the habit. As I said, I did try ways to quit, but not happening. Just not happening. I managed to lower the cigarette count though. Got down from about 20 per day to around about 12 per day, but then it started to climb back up again. What a pain! I really thought I was getting some place, but not at all. Plus, the expense of cigarettes these days is just too much. The cigarette buying was really having an impact on my savings. Stupid that. You decide to take up an expensive habit that is really bad for you. Makes little sense if you think about it.

I started to check out some possible ways to quit smoking on the internet and came across some e cig reviews. I was the Ecig Brand being mentioned when I was checking out those e cig reviews. I was entirely sceptical at first, not believing that this sort of thing would work for me. After all, nothing else had worked, so why would this? But after reading the e cig reviews, I was a little less sceptical about the thing.

So I bought the product and began using it still very sceptical about its’ ability to get me to quit on the normal cigs. But once I started using it, I was amazed to find that I no longer wanted to smoke normal cigarettes. I’d managed to break the terrible habit once and for all. I just couldn’t believe it, and my wife couldn’t either. She was as amazed as I was. Then she started to tell all my friends and family about it too. I got a few calls from friends about how I did it and when I told them about the e cig reviews, they couldn’t believe it. So they tried it after reading e cig reviews for themselves and sure enough, they managed to quit also. I thought I should charge them a commission for providing my advice about the e cigs but my wife wasn’t having any of it.

If you want to check out the Ecig Brand and read up on some e cig reviews for yourself, then simply click on the link that’s just below this video. I really do wish you well with this!

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