Denkat electronic cigarette philippines – umagang kay ganda July 1, 2011

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electronic cigarette device is the best alternative to smoking and also the “only” device if you want to quit smoking 100% . ( we have living proof and willing to testify in public if needed – doctors, nurse, military etc..)

what you need to know:
1. nicotine is not cancerous – just an addictive substance. and this is optional in electronic cigarette , you can have it w/o nicotine

2. not all smokers need nicotine – many just want to see smoke, and have hand to mouth action while thinking and if they are stress. ( so nicotine patch, gums is not effective )

3. do you know that e-juice ingredients consists only of 3 ingredients: PG, VG and flavoring which are all food grade.

4. e-cigarette does not produce smoke, it is vapor. it is like steam if you are boiling water. ( we dont burn anything )

5. best of all : no 2nd hand smoke, no fire hazard, no yellow teeth, no bad odor.


smoking is bad , good thing there is e-cigs.

some are trying to stop electronic cigarette:

1. smoking kills, why dont stop them first?
2. please dont give false statement about e-cigarette – research first
3. why allow smoking? tax?
” Health is Wealth ” – Do your homework please and save millions of lives.

dont try to stop electronic cigarette – we are helping and curing a damage world that others ” dont ” want to $ee.

electronic cigarette – saves
smoking – destroy

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