Comparing GreenSmoke & Regular Cig – Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette and Coupon Code

Declare Your Independence From Big Tobacco And Shop NJOY Today! – Forever stop smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes by making the switch to electronic cigarettes. Green Smoke is a brand of e-cigarette products. GreenSmoke is one of the most respected and trusted electronic cigarettes brand in the industry. GreenSmoke has a lifetime warrenty on there batteries so you can exchange them whenever you want. Green Smoke offers nicotine FlavorMax cartomizers, which combines a cartridge and the atomzier in one piece with 7 different flavors, and 5 nicotine strengths. Try Green Smoke today with a 30 Day-Money-Back-Guarantee. Go to: and use coupon code: disc10-22568 to save 10% on your starter kit purchase.

How do I get 10% off my order??
1: Go to:
2: Enter Coupon Code: DISC10-22568 at checkout for 10% discount.

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